“After creating several festivals in regions with a strong wine component, I decided to try my own hand at establishing a small vineyard at our weekend home, about 2 hours north of Manhattan. I was a total novice, but approached things in a very methodical way. I consulted with growers, plotted the land, planted every plant, tested and harvested all the grapes. I learned that if you want a successful vineyard, you have to be both disciplined and intuitive. 

New York State has historically been one of the main wine producing regions in the country. Today, there are a couple of hundred commercial wineries in New York making some seriously good wines, yet I’m the only vintner in our region doing this successfully from start to finish. This year alone, we’ve harvested over a quarter ton of Marquette, Frontenac Gris and Le Crescent grapes to produce our unique proprietary blend.

I’m now in my 9th year of producing wines with my family, and it’s been an incredible sense of accomplishment. I’ve also realized that it’s a real metaphor for what I do in business: You need to have the best primary materials, rigorously follow a good plan, and always have your eye on the final product. The tangible payoff of a successful festival or event is the standing ovation at the final concert. With our vineyard, that triumph is measured by drinking the season’s first glass of Domaine Letourneau.  

I’m really proud of my wine, and I look forward to sharing a bottle with you.”

Charles Letourneau

Charles Letourneau